BIM Modelers

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent model-based process that allows to fully and truly construct projects virtually and in detail. The BIM process allows project stakeholders to make informed decisions beforehand while managing projects more economically, faster and with less environment impact.

With a highly qualified and experienced team, we provide BIM and CAD services to consultants and contractors.

We are working on expanding our BIM services, soon, to include project & facilities management, virtual reality and point cloud to BIM.

BIM Services We Provide:

  • Create coordinated 3D models based on IFC/Shop drawings up to LOD 500 (as-built) for contractors
  • Create 3D models up to LOD 300 for consultants
  • Quantity extraction and comparison
  • Family creation (static, dynamic & parametric)
  • Prepare construction drawings and documentation for consultants and contractors
  • Follow international BIM standards